A note from our founder - JR Ricks

March 29, 2016

Thank you all for your support and patience! This has been an amazing experience for us to learn and grow our company. 

We are working on recipe videos, tips, and tricks for the Velocity Grill that will be posted on our website, Facebook, and campaign pages for you to start learning about the grill! The flavors and the juiciness of the the meats is amazing. We were at a trade show recently and got to cook for some of the vendors during lunch time and…. they all bought one because they could not believe how delicious the flavor was! Many of the vendors were from high-end hunting and fishing resorts that cook gourmet meals for their clients and they “ate” it up!

The Velocity Grill is made up of many parts from many vendors. It has been a real project to get all of the production synchronized. As one vendor falls behind, a domino effect happens to those waiting for the first vendors. The good news is that we have gotten past those set backs and we are in the final assembly which is wrapping up this week! Shipping from the final vendor to us is going to be 25 days. Without any future interventions, we will be staying on schedule for the last week of April thru the first week of May for delivery.

The more I have used the grill, the more I have loved it! It truly is the best way to cook! Sorry to tease you, but we are excited and anxious to hear from you about your experience with your own Velocity Grill!

Thank you,

JR Ricks