Q : What type of wood does the Velocity Grill use?

A : Any type of wood will burn in the grill; however, hard woods like Mesquite, Hickory, Oak, Maple, Apple, Cherry or Pecan should be used for the best flavor.  

Q : Can I use charcoal in the Velocity Grill?

A : No, charcoal leaves a heavy ash that will congest the fan system.  

Q : Can I use lighter fluid to start the Velocity Grill?

A : No, liquids of any kind should never be used in the Velocity Grill. It will damage the fan system at the base of the burn chamber. Only use Velocity Fire Starter Sticks or a crumpled piece of paper.

Q : How hot does the grill get on the various settings?

A : The Velocity Grill can reach temperatures of 300 to 1,000+ degrees. The temperatures will vary by what type of wood, how much wood, and the fan speed setting. You can master the heat levels of the Velocity Grill in a short amount of time.

Q : My Velocity Grill is creating a lot of smoke. What is happening?

A : The Velocity Grill will create some smoke, but excessive smoke is created when you put too much wood in the burn chamber, too much food on the grill plate or using heavy sauce and marinades. Cooking with the cover on will also create more smoke.  If you like smoke flavor, cooking with the lid on will infuse the food with a delightful smoky flavor. If you like less smoke flavor, cook with the lid off.

Q : Can the Velocity Grill potentially explode like a gas grill could?

A : No, unlike gas grills, the Velocity Grill uses non explosive fuels and has no possibility of exploding. 

Q : Where can I get hard woods for the Velocity Grill? 

A : Hard wood chunks can be bought at most hardware stores that sell BBQ products.  Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe's and Amazon all carry bags of wood chunks. 

Q : Can I use wood from my own dead trees?

A : Yes, you can use any type of wood but hard wood trees are best. Make sure the wood is dried at least one year for best results. Recently chopped wood will create extra smoke. 

Q : Can I add wood while cooking?

A : Yes, if the fire is dying down, use your grill clamp to remove the Heat Diffuser Plate and then add one to two pieces of wood.

Q : Can I use the Velocity Grill indoors?

A : No, the Velocity Grill is for outdoor use only. Do not use under a covered overhang or garage.

Q : What is the warranty on the Velocity Grill and accessories?

A : We warranty all our products on all defects in materials and parts for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Q : How do I clean the grease residue on the grill?

A : The grease drippings are instantly incinerated by the fire. The only cleanup is done with the included steel brushes. Clean the grill grate, diffuser plate and burn chamber and dump ash into fire proof container. Clean outside of the grill with mild soap and damp towel then wipe with a dry towel.